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Aviation Testing

Testing is crucial for safety and reliability and Canadian Aero Accessories (CAA) not only meets but also exceeds government safety standards. With years of experience and Human Factors Training, technicians are empowered to conduct further diagnosis to ensure all systems are a go. Whether testing for Snags or -reason for removal-, CAA's specialty technicians will diagnose and repair.

The Electronic department invests in designing and building custom test equipment that adheres to manufacture specifications. Testing is the basis of diagnosing and evaluating airworthiness of components. All of CAA's test equipment has internal checks and controls as well as meeting regulations from both government and manufacturers. CAA performs rigorous calibration and tests to assure accuracy.

Test Equipment

Testing of fuels pumps in the fuel systems area to the hydraulic load testing for landing gear Canadian Aero invests in diagnostic tools and equipment. Assessment of AC and DC electrical systems, actuators and mechanisms, safety systems deployment, Hydro-test, and precision gap measurements are some testing abilities.


Regular calibration and testing is performed on the test equipment to reduce false readings and errors.

  • Emergency slide test facility

    To inflate the emergency slides quickly and reliably CO2 is used. A part of CAA internal ability is to test and re-fill cylinders, ranging from O2, CO2, and Halon

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  • Hydrostatic Water Jacket Test Method

    Canadian Aero Accessories (CAA) custom Hydro Test Equipment performs tolerance tests on metal ottlbe and vessels for recertification and is the only aviation designated tester.

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  • Altitude Simulator

    Canadian Aero Accessories (CAA) test equipment includes an altitude simulator so that height sensitive accessories can be tested on the ground.

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  • Temperature Control Environment

    CWe test the performance of aircraft components in extreme temperatures through simulation testing.

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Canadian Aero Accessories sells and services a wide variety of components for Piston, Turbine, and Jet Aircraft. Since 1964, we have been providing support for your Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electronic and Pneumatic Components.

With a $1.5 million parts inventory, we can offer unmatched turn around time on your components.


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