Canadian Aero Accessories


  • Aviation Fuel Components Capabilities

    Fuel: Boost Pumps, Engine Driven Pumps, Shut-off Valve

    Uninterrupted Flow

    Regulation and best practices ensure fuel delivery is independent and are contamination free. Canadian Aero Accessories have over 50 years of implementing aviation standard processes that provide safeguards and quality control for you fuel accessories.

    Fuel System Capabilities

    Fuel boost pumps, fuel pumps, engine driven pumps, valves.

    Piston, Turbine, and Jet

    We have the ability to work and test select aircraft fuel system components to assure safe and reliable service.

    Canadian Aero Accessories (CAA) abilities have grown as aircraft and needs change.

    Aviation maintenance and repair is as important as the testing. CAA facilities calibrate test equipment and tools on a regular schedule to ensure accuracy and performance. See our custom Aviation Hydrotest stand in the safety systems section.

    The CAA team is committed to offering flawless straightaway service. Solving and repairing aviation component faults is our focus. In addition to training human factors, and conducting internal and external audits, CAA utilizes experience, tools, and collaboration to assure quality control. Following strict guidelines to ensure proper documentation, CAA processes make sure you are t conforming with compliance inspection. Our aviation recertification capabilities are extensive ranging from starter generators to life preservers, please number look-up CAA's extensive capabilities.

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